Get the exact garage you need!

Workshop GarageFrom a single garage, double garage, triple garage or bigger, you can get the right sized garage for what you need.

This is because, unlike a lot of suppliers, we are not limited to supplying you a set sized garage. Vary the width and length to suit. If you need extra height, we can supply you with the exact clearance height you want, and don’t forget the roof pitch. There are several roof pitches normally available to better match your existing house or buildings.

Truck and Car GarageAll of this with no cost penalty. All the frame and sheeting components are be cut to size, so you only pay for the length and amount of steel you need, with no excess waste.

You also have the choice of the full range of Colorbond colours as well as Zincalume. So you are not limited by colours either.

State of the art designs mean that the cold-rolled high-tensile frames used in our sheds and garages are strong yet weigh less than other frames, which means less concrete is needed and installation times are quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Garage & WorkshopMore Shed for your Bread

Whilst we are talking about weight, check the weight of our sheds and garages compared to our competitors. You will be pleasantly surprised and know that you are getting more steel for your dollar and that your shed or garage is solidly designed and built.

Your garage will come with every part you need to install it, right down to downpipes, guttering, and fasteners.

4 Car GarageAll of the garages are pre-engineered, saving you a substantial amount or time and money if you had to get the building designed and engineered yourself, and ready to submit to council if required. This engineering is included with your garage.

So if you are looking for a garage, workshop shed, storage shed etc, give us a call or send us an email today and we’d be only too happy to provide you with a quality steel building that is engineered to last and will give you great value for money. To get a quote simply go to the sheds and garages quotes page or click on the link on the right hand side of the page.


Single GarageLarge Double Garage